Elizabeth Clysdale's Tenure Running Her Government Pedophile Operation

Elizabeth Clysdale was appointed to the Ramsey County Bench by Judge Teresa Warner because of her willingness to kidnap children in custody disputes, force gender transitions, publish underage photos of boys, cover-up financial crimes, and the violent crimes of the legal establishment pre and post-George Floyd.

In 2016, Clysdale engaged in a conspiracy with a high level US Attorney to publish underage photos of young boys. She then asked her neighbor to raid a journalists home and signed unconstitutional gag orders to silence evidence of her misconduct.

She then acted in the same conspiracy to direct local prosecutors to attack the journalist and litigant by posting upwards of 70 tweets that were retweeted hundreds of thousands of times and viewed by millions of people to attack the family.

Between October 2018 and June 2019, Clysdale terrorized and stalked the family of a Minnesota Supreme Court Justice to conceal her judicial misconduct. In short, Clysdale engaged in extrajudicial kidnapping, terrorized a family, and inflicted brutal torture.

Previously undisclosed documents revealed that local lawyers claimed to have shared private ex-parte text messages with Clysdale during ongoing cases in which they were involved where Clsydale was presiding where they joined forces to target local families.

Clysdale must be prosecuted by the US Attorneys Office and removed from the bench. Clysdale is flat-out evil and must be held accountable.

Elizabeth "Government Pedophile" Clysdale Raiding Houses To Conceal Her Government Pedophile Operation